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DEAD DOLLS DON’T TALK They didn’t have a body, but all the evidence proves to the jury that Harry L. Cotton murdered Bonnie Deering on her husband’s yacht. Doc Hart is so sure, he even persuades the one holdout on the jury to change her vote. After the trial is over, Hart picks up a young lady outside the courthouse and allows himself to be seduced by her, only to find himself in bed with Cotton’s wife. That’s when he realizes a mistake has been made. Because though Peggy Cotton has no intention of helping her cheating husband escape the death penalty, she has seen Bonnie alive and well. Hart leaves the room but when he returns he finds Peggy murdered. That’s when Hart learns just what it feels like to be an innocent man accused of a crime he didn’t commit—with almost no time at all to find the living Bonnie to prove otherwise! HUNT THE KILLER Framed by someone named Senor Peso, Charlie White has been sitting in Raiford Prison for the past four years, waiting to see who would be there for him when he got out—his faithful wife Beth, or his Cuban mistress Zo. If Beth is there, he promises himself to go straight. If Zo, well, he’d deal with that when it happened. And, of course, it is Zo who shows up, with a fast car, a bottle of rum and a rented cabin. Later that evening, he finds the letter from Beth, asking him to come to her. But before he can leave, someone crashes their little love nest, smashing him over the head—and shooting Zo! Before Charlie can get used to freedom, he...

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