pep carrio the days turned over

Malcolm Guite is a well-known and respected English poet, singer-songwriter, Anglican priest, and academic, widely acknowledged for his writings on the intersection of religion and the arts. His poetry was once characterized as “modern-day metaphysical poems and psalms.” He has written 5 books of poetry, of which Seven Whole Days may be one of his finest. Artist Faye Hall has taken Guite’s poetic sequence in Seven Whole Days and turned it into a splendid visual celebration of God’s good Creation. In this sequence of seven poems, each celebrates a day of creation, concluding with the Sabbath day of rest. Hall has visually reimagined each line in a series of beautiful meditations displaying how God’s glory shines out in all the world. The book is splendidly illustrated and an excellent resource for personal meditation and enrichment.

CAN PEP REY Свитер pep carrio the days turned over

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